Tom Smeal Robot on Facebook

Hate speech I collected from Tom Smeal on Facebook (names changed to protect the innocent).

Tom Smeal writes this more hate filled crap on NPR pages.

Nice one %s; the Green Energy companies FAILED because they did not follow set regulations. The shareholders of the failed GREEN companies were after profits, profits and more profits. GREEN CEOs made millions on the backs of taxpayers then went Bankrupt…………………………………………..…/as-many-as-fifty-obama-backed…/

%s can read, but look what happened. I noticed that %s has a HUGE carbon footprint but advocates for others to use expensive green energy. What an obvious, foolish hypocrite.

99.9% of Liberals enjoy their huge carbon footprints and only want others to sacrifice to ‘save the planet’.

People first….why do you hate the poor %s?

Fracking directly benefits the public good.

LOL!!!! “liberal Republican”, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen so far this year. No such thing %s; all Liberals hate Republicans. Please show us some proof of earthquake damaga %s. Earthquakes are natural and happen every day all over the world and only occasionally cause damage. If it speaks like a Liberal then you are a Liberal.

What about charges against all those rotten people who looted their neighborhoods and tried to injure the police, even though the police were ordered by their idiot Mayor to permit the lowlife scum to destroy their neighborhoods?

You forget that the greater good supercedes local kingdoms. Why allow a few enviro whackos hurt the poor.

%s why do you hate the poor? Why do you want to reduce the standard of living of people getting handouts from Obama? For shame.

Fracking has greatly helped the poor in the buckeye state. Capitalism works.

Straw man attacks are juvenile %s. Do you believe man is causing climate change %s?

When are you going to give up automobile travel?

You voted for Obama; you got what you voted for

Finally! Obama’s spying on us is being stopped. Our right to privacy wins one finally. I wonder what the Democrats are going to do with the phone data they already have?

Son of a gun. Gray had heroine and marijuana in his blood. Figures.

Yes %s. The Mayor and Prosecutor may want to give a free pass to their law breaking constituency. The Mayor has already stopped the police force from arresting suspects and most of those thugs that were arrested were freed.

Obama doesn’t think NSA programs violated Americans’ privacy, WH says

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